Hi! Hello! Hey!
I’m Isabelle- you can call me Iz, Izzy, or Bell Bell.

When I'm not helping the elderly cross streets or holding doors for others, I’m a visual designer specializing in UI design and branding. My creative career began with the fine arts- illustration, painting, and anything that involved using my hands. But as my craft developed, I wanted to move more into the design world, where I could incorporate my problem-solving mindset. The thing that hasn’t changed, though, is I’m always looking to create expressive visuals and work that works!

Outside of resizing, color picking, and pixel perfecting, catch me winning board games, in a stand-up audience, or healing my inner child with some arts and crafts. 🙏🏼

As a born and raised New Yorker, I promise to keep it real with you, so hit my line to find out more about me or my work ;)
Isabelle Kwong