This project elevates the ticket-purchasing experience to extend to sociability, reliability, and planning. We implemented four features: Social Profiles, Split Cost, Event Navigation, Event Add-Ons to the Ticketmaster app allowing users to use Ticketmaster as a hub for planning an event as opposed to a single-use app.

My Role

UX/UI Design

My Team

Sara Park
Max Barbosa
Harry Lin


12 Weeks


Adobe Photoshop


    2022 Interactive Annual Competition Winner


    Ticketmaster does not consider the external factors surrounding the purchase of a ticket including social aspects, dividing ticket prices, venue navigation, and pre/post outing options.


      Transform Ticketmaster to encompass the event-going experience beyond just in-app ticket purchasing.

      01. Discover
      Heuristic Evaluation
      Visibility of System Status
      • Icon changes color to indicate where users are
      • Shows which artists users are browsing
      • Slight change in drop shadow on tap
      Match Between System & the Real World
      • Pop-up message to remind users about covid protocols before they even start searching for seats
      • Unavailable, VIP, and accessible seats are clearly marked
      • Clearly shows actual date and selected dates
      Competitor Analysis
      • Has extensive info for venue- “Plan Your Visit, Upgrade your Performance, Seat Map”
      • Option to take Uber to venue
      • Section for merchandise
        • Log in errors
        • Favorites section is hard to access; must go to “more” tab first
        • Makes user login ASAP (for the app to give user any real functions)
        User Research
        Key Findings
        • Community: Most interviewees find a strong sense of community within their niche and use it as an extension of their social life.
        • Purchasing Habits: Groups usually have one main purchaser who is reimbursed after the show, and the purchasers has had frustrations with collecting the money after
        • Venue Information: Users want clear and more detailed information on seating and views from their seat selection.
        Market Segmentation
        Sports Enthusiast
        DANNY SO
        K-Pop Fanatic
        Family Oriented Parent
        Theater Buff
        Empathy Interviews
        We asked our interviewees about their outting habits, why they like to go out, and their frustrations.
        04. Design and Develop
        Paper Prototype
        Task Flow 1: Invite Friends
        Task Flow 2: Notifications and Chat
        User Feedback Key Findings
        • Users wanted to chat first with invitee so they could ask them about plans
        • Didn’t want to click on check or "x" because they were afraid to confirm their choice too early
        • Would have wanted to talk to friends first before answering them
        Final UI
        Profiles let you see who may be interested in and who is attending an event. Then, make plans with your friends in the app
        Coordination for buying tickets between friends in a group can often be finicky, especially when popular performers can sell out quickly.

        This feature assigns one friend in the group to purchase for all other members in one transaction, then request payment afterwards.
        Gain a better sense for your venue's layout— perfect for busy parents and venues with lots of commotion
        Never be unsure if the seat you’re purchasing is right for you. With seat perspective you will be able to explore elevation as well as a 360° view of the venue.
        Never be unsure if the seat you’re purchasing is right for you. With seat perspective you will be able to explore elevation as well as a 360° view of the venue.
        05. Deliver
        Design System
        Outcomes + Next Steps
        • Made it convenient for users by removing the  need for multiple apps
        • Larger emphasis surrounding the event space and arrangements beyond it
        • Engage and expand the social circle through the app experience
        Next Steps
        While conducting research, it seemed that many people did not use Ticketmaster to find events, but rather just to purchase tickets. If we had more time, I'd like to implement a way for people to find out about their events through Ticketmaster so the app can be a full one-top-shop for a fun night out. Although we would have to conduct more research, there may be potential in partnering with other apps like Spotify.
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