Singapore is notorious for tall buildings, strict laws, and being costly to visit. Our goal for this integrated campaign was to flip those stereotypes on their heads and show travelers Singapore can be artsy, playful, and even affordable.

This campaign highlights the rich cultures, leafy green spaces, and shiok food choices in Singapore. We implemented the use of “Singlish,” the language that has emerged as a result of the integration of dozens of cultures in Singapore.

Combining patterns and icons native to Singapore with bold type and rich colors, we produced a contemporary visual language true to Singapore: modern with traditional ties.
Many shy away from Singapore as a travel destination because of high prices and authoritarian culture.
Show that despite Singaporean stereotypes, the country is a fun, navigable, and can be affordable if you know where to look! Emphasize Singapore’s melting pot of people, cheap hawker foods, and environmentally forward culture while using Singlish, the amalgamated language spoken in Singapore.
My Role


My Team

Harry Lin


7 Weeks


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Brand Strategy
We wanted to focus on 3 misunderstood aspects of Singapore, as the country as a whole is often overlooked due to its size and overall lack of representation.
We found that many English-speaking  travelers are unaware of that Singapore is an English-speaking country, and even more so that it has its own conglomerated language, Singlish.

We believe that incorporating Singlish into our campaign will comfort prospective visitors with their perceived language barriers.
Our logo is simply the frequently used abbreviation of Singapore in our main typeface adjusted with some light kerning.
Juniper STD is a decorative typeface we used for out main displays and headlines. We selected Juniper STD for its modernity and unique flare.
Optima is a humanist san-serif used for copy and legibility. It evokes a traditionalist contrasting out display typeface
Icon Set
The main three ethnicities in Singapore being Chinese, Indian, and Malay, we created icons for those countries’ respective associated animals.
Singapore is known for their inexpensive and delicious food court-style “hawker centres.”
On the small landmass, Singapore is covered in just under 50% greenery with wildlife that walk the streets as pedestrians. We also included the national flower in this icon set, the Vanda Miss Joaquim.
We heavily drew inspiration from traditional Peranakan textiles and craftsmanship for patterns to use as visual motifs throughout the campaign.
Isabelle Kwong