Created for D&AD New Blood Awards, this project prompted us to use technology and innovation to create a banking solution for the neurodivergent community. We sought to make a user-friendly and intuitive platform that would assist this group in becoming more financially confident.

My Role

UX/UI Design

My Team

Sara Park
Yoojin Song


8 Weeks


Adobe After Effects


    D&AD New Blood Awards, Pencil Winner


    Neurodiverse individuals often struggle with a variety of symptoms that make it difficult to manage and take control of their finances


      Create a platform where neurodiverse individuals can partner with a trusted loved one to better meet their financial goals.

      Empathy Interviews
      We asked our interviewees about their experiences with their neurodivergent conditions, struggles, and comforts.
      FEATURE 1
      A Helping Hand
      For everyday budgeting
      A Mate could be a family member, a friend, or someone you can trust to be part of your financial journey to help you manage money easier and increase your money confidence.
      FEATURE 2
      Dual Saver
      Track long and short term goals
      Whether you’re planning for a trip or buying a car, you can team up with a Mate to create financial goals together.

      Shared goals will make you contribute together and motivate one another. With the help of another person, you can achieve your saving goals without noticing – and you’ll both be on that vacation before you know it.
      A Holistic Platform
      Experience BankMate outside the mobile app
      BankMate can be experienced beyond the mobile app. Its features extend to ATMs and in-person interactions.
      Outcomes + Next Steps
      We produced a collaborative platform for neurodivergent individuals to approach their finances while utilizing their existing support system.

      BankMate follows a design direction that is most digestible for neurodivergence, including the use of calming colors, graphic data visualization, and the use of whole numbers.
        Next Steps
        After becoming more financially confident with BankMate, it would be great to adjust BankMate to approach even larger-scale milestones such as purchasing property, saving for a family, or moving locations.
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