A rebranding of the Tiny Cupboard, a hipster comedy club located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The Tiny Cupboard approaches the NYC comedy scene with unconvention and quirk. The indie speakeasy-style club adopted an indoor/outdoor building in a nook of Bushwick, with a number of funk performance spaces including the rooftop only accessible by fire escape, the "Mush-room," a 153 square-foot art studio, and of course, the Pink Church, a fully pinked-out (former) church with pews for seating. Embracing the kooks of The Tiny Cupboard, we created a visual language that speaks to the wacky and zany energy of the club's comedians and audience.
My Role


My Team

Morgan Hlaing
Harry Lin


12 Weeks


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

  • The Tiny Cupboard's existing branding is heavily reliant on their signature pink color and logo, with no other supporting assets
  • The Tiny Cupboard has not established any consistent brand elements
  • Expand upon the brand touchpoints to make an all encompassing body of Tiny Cupboard assets
  • Create brand guidelines to be followed for all collateral for a consistent look and feel
Brand Strategy
Brand Core Values + Manifesto
The Tiny Cupboard prides itself on being unconventional, funky, and joyful. Their goal is to provide a rotating lineup of cool experiences in a memorable space.

Branding System
Master Logo
Horizontal Lockup
Clear Space
The master logo should maintain a clear space of the height of the letter "T" in "Tiny" 
Minimum Size (aka Our Tiniest Cupboard)
The master logo should not be any smaller than 1 inch for print materials or 96 pixels for digital spaces
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Isabelle Kwong